If you are looking for a special detail that lasts forever, have you ever thought about personalized photo gifts? In Barcelona Crystal we have quality crystals in which we record any text or all kinds of images. In addition, we put ourselves entirely at your service so that you can make these kinds of gifts in any situation or special moment.

Maybe your son graduates and you need a memory that lasts forever or you want to give something as emotional as an image of your parents on their wedding anniversary. Whatever it is, count on our help. You just have to tell us what you need and we will respond as soon as possible.

Our crystals are the best to include any special memories. The photos and images serve precisely for that, to keep in mind those sensations and memories that we do not want or can not forget for nothing. And so that every detail remains in your memory forever, we have these authentic products that can be placed anywhere on the shelf or even on the dining table.

In Barcelona Crystal we show you the best way to preserve those incredible experiences and experiences. It is about capturing your favorite photographs and inserting them in a special glass-shaped compartment. You just have to choose the most suitable receptacle and send us the image, logo or text that you want to immortalize. We ship in 24 hours, so you will receive it at your home in a very short time.

Visit our platform and get an approximate idea of ​​our services through our work gallery. As you can see, we capture the photographs or favorite images of our customers in different glass cubicles. We have crystals in the shape of a heart, diamond or cube, all of them available in various sizes, from the smallest to the largest. We also have crystal key rings, unique and very original to get to the heart of those you love most, so that they always keep you in mind.

If you prefer, you can visit us at the Arena Shopping Center in Barcelona, ​​although we advise you to take a look at our online store and visualize everything we do. And there is no more special gift than this one. Recording the memories of a person in a glass container does not seem like a simple task, but we do it and we also guarantee the highest quality. And our finishes are tremendously professional thanks to our German laser technique.

In our online catalog you will only find novelty items that you probably have not seen before. It is personalized gifts with great emotional content. The shape, the image that we attach and the glass itself are part of a very careful work that will depend on what you want.

The best recipient of this gift may be you, is there a better detail for oneself than the memory of memories and evocative images? Of course it is also a good wedding gift, it even serves to celebrate a birth or to create an original and effective marketing project. It’s up to you