Photo in keychain

The keychain photographs are unique to take with you everywhere. In Barcelona Crystal we are dedicated to making laser engraved photography and we have chosen the crystal to create wonderful pieces. The photos on glass keychains are different gifts that reflect unique moments, hence they are perfect to give at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms, communions and more. In addition, you should know that we have key rings with blue light so that the surprise is even greater.

Our keychain crystals also work as advertising gifts . In this way, companies can promote their brand image in an authentic way. Also, you can make a personal gift to always bring your family close. Send us your ideas and we will put them into practice. We can include any drawing or image you want. In addition, the engravings are indestructible and will remain in your memory forever. Our laser engraving crystals are quality and the keychain format will adapt perfectly to your pace of life. Have we convinced you?